The Serrania of Ronda is the mountain range that surrounds the town of Ronda and is found in the western part of the Province of Malaga. The white towns cling to the sides of the mountains and the contrast between the white color of the white towns and the sides of the mountains remains in one’s mind forever. This area is perfect for bicycle rides, hiking, and mountain climbing. One can see the natural plants in the area and enjoy bird watching. One can also see cows, sheep, and goats. This whole area is relatively unknown to most tourists and is best visited by car. The serrania of Ronda is consist of the next 23 villages:


It is difficult to enumerate the natural, architectural and artistic wealth of Ronda, and even more difficult to highlight just a few of its monuments. Although something exists in the collective imagination as emblems of this city is the Tago and the New Bridge (Puente Nuevo) that crosses it, built in the eighteenth century with more than 100 meters.

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