The marina of Marbella is located between the beaches of El Faro and the beach of Venus, in the area known as La Marina, so called to the entire strip of beach of just one kilometre that stretches from east to west from the mouth of the stream of the Dam.

History of Marbella Marina

At the end of the 18th century, Marbella’s town hall claimed for the first time from the authorities the permission to build a port in La Marina.

On July 8, 1818 the works began, resumed in 1819 after financial difficulties that forced them to stop, the construction work was carried out by prisoners who brought the large stones from the quarry of GuadalpĂ­n.

In 1830 the works were suspended, due to financial problems and the great gusts of Levante that affected its creation, this gave rise to the stone quay being unfinished. The quay was reused to build the marina you see today.

In 1957 was created the Club MarĂ­timo de Marbella, a building that is currently located in the heart of the promenade. When it was founded, it had some very primitive facilities and was prolonged forming a dock of shelter, which served for the anchorage of small sport boats.

The facilities were completed until 1976 when a project was presented to create commercial premises around. Throughout these years, the Club MarĂ­timo de Marbella has been a meeting place for competitions and regattas.

Marbella Marina Activities

In the marina you can do numerous nautical activities such as boat trips, renting jet skis and boats and diving, among many other leisure and sports activities.

The marina of Marbella is one of the places to go out for drinks in Marbella, located in the heart of the city, is structured on two levels, on the top floor the terraces of the port with many events and shows especially in summer and on the ground floor the premises and nautical facilities along with some gastronomic premises. From the ground floor there is also a ferry that connects Marbella with Puerto BanĂșs.

Every Sunday there is a craft market in the marina. The Marbella marina is a very happy place where you can stroll and see different types of boats

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