The Marbella Castle is a construction between the 9th and 10th century carried out during the reign of the first Caliph of Al-Andalus, Abderraman III. The Castle was built with the purpose of being able to control the territory and to help the surveillance and coastal defense.

Marbella Castle was declared of cultural interest in 1949. It is the most important trace of the Muslim civilization in Marbella, being in the Historical Center of the city.

Marbella Castle History

The castle occupied a total of 90,000 square kilometres and the wall contained the old Arab medina, which is now the historic centre of the city.

Access to the castle was possible through 3 gates: the Puerta de Ronda, the Puerta de Málaga (old bridge) and the Puerta del Mar. In addition, the wall that delimited all the enclosure had more than 10 towers that defended the city from possible future attacks.

The ground plan of the castle is made up of two enclosures, both square in shape. Throughout the castle enclosure there are mixtures of materials, construction methods and styles such as: Roman capitals in a tower and other Roman pieces in the elevation of the towers.

In Calle Trinidad you can see three Ionic capitals used as simple stones to make the walls.

All these findings make it difficult to know the date of the construction but after arduous investigations the conclusion was reached that the caliphal construction is based on another previous construction of unknown origin.

Marbella Castle deterioration

In the fourteenth century, after the reconquest by the Catholic kings of the city, modifications and arrangements were made and in the fifteenth century was adapted for the use of artillery. At the beginning of the 16th century the fortress began to deteriorate.

Two towers are currently visible. In addition, a school now occupies what was once the castle’s parade ground. It has been possible to maintain and adapt the constructions or ruins that still remain around the city of Marbella.

Some of the towers that formed this great fortification are the Torre del Homenaje, the Torre de la Campana, Torre del cubo, Torre blanca or Torre del reloj.

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