Microclimate in Marbella

Marbella has a microclimate that keeps temperatures pleasant throughout the year and allows you to enjoy unique areas. The average temperature is around 19ºC and you can enjoy 320 days of sunshine a year.

All this is possible thanks to the situation in which Marbella is located and the geography of the place. Marbella is located on the Costa del Sol, in the Mediterranean Sea and surrounded by mountainous areas such as Sierra Blanca and La Concha. This is what causes this small microclimate as it is reserved from the north face of the city thanks to the mountain areas.

The mountains of La Concha and Sierra Blanca are symbols of nature for Marbella and the surrounding area. They offer many opportunities related to hiking and sport.

Marbella Weather: 4 Seasons

During spring there is little rain and the temperatures are pleasant, as they do not increase as much as in summer.

When the summer arrives the temperatures increase but remain in very pleasant numbers allowing tourists and inhabitants of Marbella to enjoy up to 14 hours of sunshine.

In autumn you can still enjoy warm and pleasant temperatures with plenty of hours of sunshine. It is not until November when the cold begins to be noticed, although in a way in agreement with the temperatures of Marbella.

During the winter season is when there is more likelihood of rain, although the amount of water is minimal compared to most cities or countries in Europe.

In short, enjoying Marbella’s pleasant temperatures is one of the many advantages of attracting more and more tourists year after year.

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