Marbella is one of Spain’s top tourist destinations and is located by the Mediterranean Sea on the Costa del Sol. Not long ago, marbella was a small village of fishermen, which has now turned into a thriving cosmopolitan beach resort.

Hotels in Marbella?

The best area to stay in Marbella is the beach area in the city centre, which is where the Old Town is found and lying at the heart of it is the popular “Orange Square”. This area allows you to see some of the oldest attractions in the city as well as taking in the marvellous views of the city’s surroundings like the rolling hills and the gorgeous blue seas that are only a few minutes walk to.

Below are the best hotels which are situated either on the sea front, in the town centre or Old Town of Marbella.

Rural Hotels

In the Sierra de las Nieves, the King tree is the Spanish Fir and in the Alcornocales Park the King is the cork oak. This Park is the largest concentratiomn of cork oaks in the world with 170.000 hectares that covers the mountain from la serrania de ronda to the strait of Gibraltar. Only 12.300…

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Posada Mirador de Jubrique

The environment of the river Genal is known by the name of Genal Valley (Valle del Genal) this is subdivided into Upper and Lower Genal and integrates 15 municipalities. In the Upper Genal are located: Igualeja, Cartajima, Juzcar, etc… and in the Lower genal we can find: Algatocin, Benalauria, Jubrique, etc… But today we are…

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